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Monday, August 17, 2009
♥ posted at: @11:33 PM

ohh ohh aku mle gse sdeh blek..
hate diz feeling oke!
evrytime i think about my status in ur life,
i'm hurt!
oke2,,i'm nobody rite?
u said u love me..
but.. who am i?
i'm not ur gf..
u already have one gf..
n.. i noe u still love her until 2day..
i juz noe oke..
it make me sad..
bcoz i've already love u..
hmm.. i'm wnder..
until when u wanna put me
in a pending situation..
dear.. nobody's wrong in diz case..
n u xjhat oke..

p/s; i love u..

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