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Thursday, October 22, 2009
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randy randy :

miss u soo much...........................=(
u r hppy nw..am i rite?
hpe u find a gentle n gud guy in ur life..not like
i really cnt frget u..=(

ohh oke.. td aku on ym.. tbe2 dpt offline msg nie.. hurm.. is he trying to mke me crying again.. ohh pliss la.. aku da pnt oke.. aku dah sick of love! baek stdy drpd pk hal2 yg nonsense mcmtuh.. mybe dye tnga bce entry nie skunk n gse mcm hurt kn.. tp ingt ea,aku lg hurt! u said u love me miss me.. but did u defends our rlation? no rite.. hurm.. yaa i noe u not hppy with what hppen to us now n me neither.. i'm crying oke.. crying in smile! ohh god i wish i cn 4get u.. but it's dffcult..

p/s : miss u too.. ='(

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