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Sunday, October 25, 2009
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in ur status and mood u said
"u miss me.."

"can't 4 get me.."

"juz wanna hear my voice.."



me too..

i'm alwayz wanna said like dat..

but i'm juz too egoic..

there's a lot thing we've dream..
we're gonna meet..
kisses hugs..

datz only in a dreamz..
nothing will change what hppens now..

"xde jodoh"

maybe dear..

but i still love u..

even i've said dat i hate u..
i didn't mean to..

i still miss u..

even i've nver said dat..

"org baru?"

not 4 diz moment..

i still can't 4get u..

but really2 hope u'll 4get me..

p/s : pd blog akuzaty nie la aku dpt luahkn sgale nye.. aku mmg ego..

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