▸ kuiz kat mukabuku tadi bongok tol! hee~ ... ♬
Monday, November 23, 2009
♥ posted at: @3:34 PM

You Told Me You Loved Me- Cinematic Sunrise

You're heart is broken. They left without another look back. You're not desperate for them but a deep, longing loneliness is all you have. You are willing to beg to have them back. They are all you want. You'll cry every night to have them back.

ohh ohh amek kuiz nie kat mukabuku tadi.. err err kene ke lagu nie ngn diri aku skunk.. hee~ still in heartbroken? *no comment..

err err aku dah lme senanye wat mukabuku nie.. cume xbape nk activ.. skunk aku dlm pertimbangn nk activ kt situ n tutop ruangsaya.. hee~ mngarot jewp name2 gantian tuh..=p oke lah,bubuy!=p

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