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Friday, May 31, 2013
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my class - Applied Physics at UTHM

Theater club - semester 1

Choral Speaking for Japanese Language class

roommates semester 2

sayang gila kat doraemon biru saya tuuu! :D

at Campus Pagoh

Bicara Gambus for Applied Physic student

after looooooongggg TALK about Sound & Vibration

my Lab partners for semester 2

today at electronic class after our presentation

that's my life for about one year my studies at UTHM. nothing much. just go to class, then get back to my room. that's goes round and round for nearly one year. haha. macam tak ada life. but along that journey, I've taken few pictures to be my memories. and here they are. well, just few of them of course. after this week, I'm gonna meet up with Mr. Final. hoho. he's very scaryyyyy okay. but, what can I do? he will come and go. just like that. then, new semester will come to replace this semester. that's life. it just goes round and round. non stop. one thing that I'm glad about this semester is, finally I've got myself an ally or nakama from my class. haha. well, that's all I've got to say. wish me luck for my final.


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