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Sunday, November 1, 2009
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"npe ske sngt tngok other's life? ske sngt bnding ngn org laen? try to cnfident of urself.. then only u can achieve ur dreams.. don alwyz under estmate of urself.. u must cnfdent.. must noe dat u can do.. cn success.. xpyh pndah mne2,bru bole brjaya.. ngarot ja.. i tau,i pcye u akn maju lam hdop u.. u have de talent but u juz don noe how to use it.." said by someone..

err pnjg nye nasihat tuh.. huhu..
anyway, thankz a lot dear..
u hve rturn my spirit.. <3

ohh ske sngt quots nie..
it gives me an inspiration to try harder on my life..

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