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Saturday, February 20, 2010
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Avenged Sevenfold - I Wont See You Tonight [part1]

Cry alone, I've gone away
No more nights, no more pain
I've gone alone, took all my strength
But I've made the change,
I won't see you tonight

Sorrow, sank deep inside my blood
all the ones around me,
I cared for and (loved) most of all I loved
but I can't see myself that way
please don't forget me or cry while I'm away

It all built up, inside of me
A place so dark, so cold, I had to set me free
Don't mourn for me, you're not the one to place the blame
As bottles called my name, I won't see you tonight

So far away, I'm gone. Please don't follow me tonight.
And while I'm gone, everything will be alright.

No more breath inside
Essence left my heart tonight

p/s : ................... speechless.. *burst into tears

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