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Friday, July 30, 2010
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u know what, i think this year is the toughest! and tonight, i juz realize that i lost everything..

family? had gone last 17 years ago.. my besties? hurm.. i was like dont know anything about them now.. yeah, maybe bcoz we had been separated according the classes.. and some of them had been move to another school.. it make me kind of sad when suddenly i don know something that important to their life..*sigh they got some new besties i guess.. hurm..

and now, i also lost place to drop my tears.. i dont know where or to whom i would split all my problems out.. i need a shoulder.. i need a voice that make me calm down.. i need someone.. desperately i need one! ohh my God.. i lost everything this year..

about love? don mention lar..  long ago i had lost it.. i cant feel the feeling of happiness, loveable, warmth and being cared now even tough i'm in a relationship now.. yes, i do love him.. and he also always said that he love me and will never let me down.. but, i juz cant believe it anymore bcoz of my 'past'.. i do need him.. very-very much! but our relationship is hard.. we argue all the time.. i'm egoistic and he also egoistic.. everyday there's must be at least one thing that make us argue.. i'm tired! i'm bored! but i love him and never wanna lost him! *sigh 

i dont know what to do.. i lost everything..

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