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Friday, April 30, 2010
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ohh oke, aku dah kene tag ngan akak manis; kak Syida.. huhu.. suke tengok dye pakai selendang.. memang cun weyh!=) <------- kaki bodek.. haha..

What is your full name?
- Izzaty Haziqah bte Mohd Nadzar..

When is your birthday?
- 01 Mei 1993.. e'eh esok kan? <-------- buat2 tanye.. haha ..

What is your daddy's name?
- Mohd Nadzar bin Awang..

What is your your mum's name?
- Salmah bte HJ Kaus..

How many siblings do you have?
- more than one.. eheh!

Where do you live?
- Jasin, Melaka.. pekan koboi org panggil... huhu..

Your favourite colour(s).
1) merah *org kate perempuan yg pakai baju warne merah, SEKSI.. upss!=p
2) black
3) pink *ini memang satu kemestian! huhu..
Still studying?
- durhh~ i'm candidate SPM 2010 oke.. =_="

Do you have a bestfriend?
- yup! Anis, Aina, Dilla, Baby, Diba, and the GengKetupat[dot]com.. hee~

Do you love them?
- of corz laa!=) muahxx!

Pop or jazz?
- dangdut.. haha!

Chicken or beef?
- chicken oke.. aku kan lahir tahun ayam.. hee~

Coke or 100plus?
- coke pliss!=p

What brand is your purse?
- cap pasar malam Jasin.. hahak!

How much do you have in your wallet right now?
- err aku bukak tadi, ade rama-rama je yang keluar.. huhu..

High heels or flat?
- prefer flat..

Skirts or jeans?
- jeans lor..

Shirt or blouse?
- shirt..

Watch or bracelet?
- watch kot..

Favourite watch's brand?
- Vincci..

Do you have girlfriend?
- yup! my Baby~

Do you have a boyfriend?
- err next ques pliss..=p

Did you love her?
- who! My Baby? durhh~ of corz!=p

Did you ever kiss him?
- hell yeah! in my dream.. hahak!

Facebook or Myspace?
- Facebook.. myspace dah bersawang.. huhu

What is your dream?
- get 9 'A's in SPM and then wanna make my father love me not just proud with me..

Please tagged other ten friends of yours:
- sape-sape yang rajen, buat la oke..=)

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